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  • Average Life Span In 1900: 49
  • Average Life Span Today: 77.6
  • 85 in 100 adults currently experience back pain

Kids & Chiropractic

Dr. Portela takes care of patients from a couple of weeks old to over 90 years of age. The earlier that nerve interference from spinal misalignment can be detected, the more it minimizes the risk of complications in the future.  As the nervous system is the master controller of your body, immune function, growth and development, in addition to many other functions, depend on the health and expression of your nervous system and the health of your spine. If your child has a spine and a nervous system (which all of us do) they should be checked!

Improve Your Game Now.

Did you know that every single professional football team utilizes chiropractic care? Isn’t it time you improved your game with chiropractic? Contact our office today to gain a competitive edge.