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About Us

Balanced Spine Center waiting areaExcellent chiropractic care and patient service is at the heart of what we do. Dr. Portela began serving Clermont and the greater Orlando area in 2015. People have traveled across the state and even country, to receive care in search of answers to their health conditions. Daily endeavors can often cause damage to your spine and nervous system. It can also decrease your function and quality of life.

Restoring spinal ergonomics, enhancing biomechanical function and relieving pressure from your nervous system is one of our many goals. When these work in harmony and find balance, your body can take a closer step to reaching 100% of its potential. Begin the healing process and enhance your quality of life today!

Our Mission

At Balanced Spine Center, patients will receive the partnership and care needed toachieve and maintain their highest potential of health. We focus primarily on spinal function and its relationship to the nervous system. Our goal is to identify the source of the problem, decreasing suffering, and enhancing quality of life.

Keep Your Life Running Smoothly

To take care of your car, the oil must be changed regularly throughout its life. We are educated to take it in routinely to ensure the engine remains running smoothly. If a “check engine” light appears in the car, we seek immediate attention. Like the oil that keeps your engine running smoothly, what are you doing to make sure that your spine stays functioning well?

Your spine houses your nervous system, which is responsible for running everything in your body. If not given proper attention, it can break down. Many patients seek help initially because of pain, disease, and discomfort. Those “signals” prompt us to seek immediate attention. Don’t wait for the signals. You do not need to feel any symptoms to visit a chiropractor. Schedule a spinal check-up with us at Balanced Spine Center. Hablamos Español.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you’re ready to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today! We’ll get you scheduled for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Jose Portela.

I am so impressed with the quality of care that Dr. Portela & Daniella provide. Very effective, efficient & I feel so much better from their customized care. They make appointments around my busy work schedule and are always professional & friendly! Love their dedication to patient health and happiness!
Lisa T.

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