Who can benefit from NUCCA?

Everyone should be checked for spinal misalignment and nerve interference. There are no known contraindications to the NUCCA adjustment. If you have a spine and a nervous system, you should be checked!

What makes NUCCA chiropractic spinal care unique compared to other care?

NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) chiropractic care focuses specifically analyzing the spine from the top bone of the neck (C1) down. There is no snap crack, pop or twisting of the spine. It is a gentle adjustment done by hand and its focus is to remove nerve interference, therefore returning the spine to a stable position, optimizing health and function.  In order to achieve a correction, the doctor will perform a specific evaluation to determine the appropriate correction needed.

What can I expect after my adjustment?

After the NUCCA correction/adjustment the body immediately begins the healing process via the nervous system. All tissues, cells and organs will receive nerve input and body balance and spinal stability begins to restore.  After the adjustment there is increased oxygenation to the tissues, muscle relaxation and healing messages are transmitted from the brain to the affected area and the body’s self-healing process begins.